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Tickets Go On Sale Thursday 29th March

Tickets Go On Sale Thursday 29th March

Tickets Go On Sale Thursday 29th March 2018...

Tickets Go On Sale Thursday 29th March.

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14m high ‘H’ from original Hollywood sign centrepiece of show featuring a collection of important Hollywood memorabilia coming to The O2 this summer.

Film buffs and fans of the ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’ will be heading to The O2 this summer for The Heart of Hollywood World Tour – the must-see spectacular Hollywood showcase and memorabilia exhibition. 

The world premiere is expected to attract thousands of people to London’s leading entertainment venue between 21st June and 17th July before embarking on a 60-city, five-year tour.

Alongside the ‘H’, which is one of only four manmade structures that can be seen from space, will be original costumes and memorabilia from that Golden Age and films such as Superman, Funny Girl, Hello Dolly and The Wizard of Oz.

The man behind the tour is revered American artist Bill Mack. He bought the original sign in 2007 and painstakingly restored the ‘H’ while using the other panels to create iconic art.  Commenting on bringing the show to London first, Mack said, “We are really looking forward to launching the show in London. London is a fantastic first stop for us and we are excited to share this piece of history with those keen to soak up a little glamour of that unforgettable Golden Age.

“The Hollywood sign is among the most famous structures in the world. This is a unique opportunity to see it, alongside the most iconic artefacts from the timeless movies we all hold close to our hearts.”

The Heart of Hollywood World Tour is very much an event for all ages – a chance to reminisce, learn and soak up the history and fascinating glamour of the time when the original Hollywood sign stood tall on the Hollywood Hills.  


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The Show revives the magic that lived only in Hollywood when the original sign stood tall on the Hollywood Hills from 1923 until 1978.