Corporate Evenings

THE HEART OF HOLLYWOOD WORLD TOUR – LONDON 2018 venue will be open each evening between 1900 and 2230 for a Hollywood Party Night. Once the 'H' is absorbed into the darkness of the night an enthralling light and sound show will begin, bringing the history of old Hollywood back to life. These nightly shows will include a spectacular Hollywood themed 3D Mapping show and a live musical theatre tribute to the 'golden era' of Hollywood musicals.

Guests will enjoy:

  • Drinks & Canapé Reception
  • Access to the Hollywood Memorabilia Exhibition & Hollywood Art Gallery
  • A Light Show and Movie Experience beamed onto the 'H' Sign
  • Live Musical Theatre Show
  • Access to the Commissions & Editions

Ticket availability for The Opening Night will be open to Sponsors and Corporates.

Special Hollywood Party Nights can also be arranged exclusively for one company.

The organisers plan to host up to six exclusive evenings per week.

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The Show revives the magic that lived only in Hollywood when the original sign stood tall on the Hollywood Hills from 1923 until 1978.