Why Get Involved

BRAND ASSOCIATION - put your brand alongside one of the world’s most iconic signs representing the mystique and magic of Hollywood

ENTERTAINMENT & UNIQUE EXPERIENCES - entertain clients, customers and / or staff at unique once in a lifetime parties under the original Hollywood Sign. The 'H' will be open to the public during the day, and be available for corporate events in the evenings accompanied by the musical show

OPENING NIGHT - includes an unveiling ceremony, 3D projection, laser and light shows, and LIVE! stage entertainment

SOCIAL - the 'H' Sign offers bespoke media content for press and social media platforms. The 'H' will be one of the most popular instagram images of 2018. A major marketing and publicity campaign is planned for the run up to its arrival in London and we expect London’s event planners will want to host parties with the backdrop of the sign

PR & MEDIA - international, national & regional TV / radio / press / social is guaranteed

SCHOOLS, COLLEGES & COMMUNITY - the attraction has a huge educational significance and we are looking to work with various organisations to create a schools and colleges and community programmes

WORLD TOUR - The Heart Of Hollywood World Tour will start a five-year long tour premiering in London first in the Summer 2018 - with a plan to visit over 60 cities, allowing the world’s population a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage with the Hollywood sign. Following the tour, the 'H' will return home to Los Angeles where it will become a permanent installation

LEGACY - the tour will leave a legacy for generations to come and be a spectacular attraction for all age groups - young and old – particularly the millennial and selfie generation, which will help to promote its appearance in London