Bill Mack

Bill Mack is a contemporary American sculptor and painter and the man responsible for rescuing Hollywood history.

Renowned for his alto-relief sculpture works, Bill Mack has attracted a significant legion of fans throughout the world. 

In 2007, he purchased the metal from the original Hollywood sign. Mack used the historic sign metal as his canvas to paint portraits of distinguished stars of Hollywood. During the process of painting on the metal, Bill Mack became determined to restore the 45-feet 'H' from the original sign metal.


In 2012, Mack began the project to restore the 'H'. For weeks Mack and his staff reviewed all of the photographs and other information available to determine which of the original metal panels in their inventory would be used. They then spent several months working with engineers and construction teams building a new structure for the 'H' so it would be suitable for both touring and placement in a permanent location.

In August 2012, Mack completed the restoration and was presented with a Certificate of Recognition by the Los Angeles City Council for his restoration efforts and preserving the iconic symbol of Hollywood history.

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The Show revives the magic that lived only in Hollywood when the original sign stood tall on the Hollywood Hills from 1923 until 1978.